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Team At Whitefield

A kindergarten teacher wears many hats. As the child’s teacher through most of the school day, she sees them through many activities and moods. To keep things running smoothly, she must be able to act and react in a variety of roles as the need arises. An organiser, an instructor, a cheerleader, a counsellor,a disciplinarian, a nurse and liason with the parents, just to name a few.

At KiDeens we understand how important it is for you as a parent to have faith in your child’s teachers and be able to communicate easily with them. Apart from incorporating a system at the school that allows easy access to the teachers. Here are insights into our well qualified competent team of teachers

Head Mistress: Dr Sita Nanduri
PLAYGROUP                                  Section Head: Anitha Sudheer
A Anita Sudheer M.Com, NTT
B Poorna K B.A. (Psychology), M.Sc. (counselling and psychotherapy), NTT
C Judith NTT
LKG Section Head: Archana Chouhan
A Archana Chouhan M.A. (ENGLISH), ECCE
B Bhawana Singh PG – NTT
C Asha Joyce BCA, B.Sc, MNTT & NTT
D Prachi Moghe M.SC. (Mathematics)
E Joanne Diploma- Montessori / Pre Primary Teachers Training / Diploma-Jolly Phonics
UKG                                                       Section Head: Rajeshwari
A Rajeshwari B.E. (Computer Science), Jolly Phonics Trained
B Animisha B.Sc. (Chem) PGDM in Rural Mgmt
C Vineeta B.Tech (IT) – Diploma in Montessori Teacher Education (DMTE) from MNTTA
D Padma Kavatange B.COM, TPE
E Amritha Bhattacharya B.Com. (Honours)- Teachers Training Diploma
Hindi Sangita M M.Sc. (Environmental Science)
Kannada Joanne: LKG Asha Joyce: UKG